USA Gymnastics: Day 0

photo 4As you probably know by now since you’re reading this, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m doing an internship this summer with USA Gymnastics this summer. I arrived in Indianapolis Friday and have been trying to settle in before my official first day tomorrow.

Overall, I’ll be doing a lot of different stuff with the company including media relations, social media and helping out with the magazine. However, the first day is expected to be all about paperwork, introductions and getting to know my surroundings before jumping in. I’ll try to give updates throughout about my experiences and everything I get to do along the way, including some things not exclusive to my internship such as visiting the NCAA headquarters or going to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. I’m excited but nervous to get started and see where this summer leads me!

If you want a more personal look into what I’m up to, check out the blog I’m going to attempt to keep about my experiences in Indy. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it or at least gets something out of it! Feel free to comment or follow me on twitter as well.


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