I saw Jay Bilas

Honestly, that’s all you need to know. Jay Bilas was two feet away from me. Hell hath no fury like Caitlyn Stroh knowing she could’ve met Jay Bilas had her train not been stuck for 20 minutes between two subway stops.

I’m ranting. Let’s quickly talk about real things. This week I started to actually get to do a lot of things. I got to cover the NBA draft. Of course, it was an incredible experience, but I will be the first to tell you that it was a really long night (very much how I imagine non-baseball fans feel about baseball games). And a diet coke at Barclays is like $8.50. Nevertheless, it was amazing to be there for the trades, the fashion and the excitement of 30 guys starting the NBA careers. The day before the draft was pretty much taken up by media day and this PR event at a local school and a group of the draftees.

Outside of draft madness, it was a solid week. I interviewed Andre Iguodala, worked on my Conner Stroud article and started working with SI Edge on stuff for the Tour de France ( 😀 ). We close the August magazine here soon so things will probably get busy this week before the Fourth of July. On Friday, the interns had lunch with SI’s managing editor, Chris Stone. He’s a cool guy and it was great to hear from someone so high up in the business.

Overall, I’m still learning a lot every day. I’m more or less getting the hang of what goes on in and around the office (heavier on the less). Except I did burn popcorn the other day. That was embarrassing. I love the people I work with and will be really sad to leave them come August 1.


P.S. If you can get your hands on a copy of the Spur commemorative SI mag, my name is under “Special Contributors.” WOO!


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