Hearst Journalism Fellowship



Undergraduate students majoring in journalism and mass communication are eligible to enter.  Scholarships are awarded to students for outstanding achievements in writing, photo and broadcast journalism – with matching grants to their colleges and universities.  Each college is allowed to submit two articles per competition.  Writing competitions include Feature Writing, Enterprise Reporting, Sports Writing, Personality/Profile Writing and Breaking News Writing.


Certificates and the following scholarships will be awarded to the ten students whose entries are judged best in each monthly competition.


FIRST                                    $2,600                                   FOURTH                                                               $1,000

SECOND                               $2,000                                   FIFTH                                                                    $1,000

THIRD                                  $1,500                                   6TH-10TH PLACE                  Certificate of Merit


The first writing competition is Feature Writing.  Below are the rules and requirements for entry.  If you would like to look at the Guidelines Booklet please stop by Room 233 Journalism.





Creative feature writing:  color and mood article covering news, business, feature or entertainment as opposed to a conventional news story or personality profile.


Sidebars subordinate in length and content to the article may be included.


All articles must be disseminated in print or online or both from October 1, 2013 through November 1, 2014.


No more than two contestants from each university may enter each competition.


DEADLINE:  ENTRIES MUST BE IN THE JOURNALISM DEPT. OFFICE (RM. 233) BY Thursday, OCTOBER 30.  If your article is online you may submit a link to your article.  Email the link to Sophie Barnes (sophieb@uga.edu).  If your article is in print you may bring a copy to the journalism office (Room 233) and the department will convert the article into a PDF.


The department will submit applications online.


Information to submit with your application:  email address, current address, permanent address (home), phone number, class standing (junior, senior).


Students who participate in the writing competition must be duly enrolled, undergraduate majors in the accredited unit at the time the entry is published. Spring, summer or fall 2014 graduates, may enter the contests in the 2014-2015 program year.  The spring or summer 2014 graduates would NOT be eligible to compete in the 2015 National Championship.  The entries must have been published before students were graduated.



A student with at least one year of full-time professional journalism experience, or its equivalent when the entry is published, is not eligible.  This includes multiple internships if the time totals twelve months (365 days) or more.


A writing entrant may not enter another writing competition after receiving a first place scholarship or two second through fifth place scholarships.


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