The Baltimore Sun Mary J. Corey Internship

The Mary J. Corey Journalism Internship

The Baltimore Sun will offer an annual paid summer internship that commemorates the work of Mary J. Corey, a veteran reporter and editor who became the first woman to lead The Sun’s newsroom.




Mary Corey, a Maryland native who passed away earlier this year after a long battle with breast cancer, started her own career at The Sun as a college intern. Upon her graduation from what is now Notre Dame of Maryland University, she was immediately hired by The Sun as an editorial assistant. She rose through the ranks as a reporter, editor and national correspondent, and in 2010 was named senior vice president and director of content for The Baltimore Sun; making her the first woman in The Sun’s long history to lead the newsroom.


During her tenure, Corey spearheaded new print and digital sections while building on The Sun’s long tradition of investigative, “watchdog” journalism. By providing readers with well-reported stories, effective graphics and affecting photos, she led The Sun to regional Newspaper of the Year honors twice each of the past two years.




The person selected should have extensive journalism experience, either as a student journalist, or as an intern at a newspaper, or a combination of both. The intern will be selected on the basis of journalism qualifications and the degree to which she or he exemplifies the values of Mary Corey.


Download the application

    • The paid internship will be open to rising college seniors, graduate-level students or 2015 graduates studying journalism.


    • Intern candidates will apply in the fall of 2014, completing an application. Candidates will be required to write an essay about a journalism project they would like to pursue.


    • A selection committee will be comprised of a group chosen by The Sun’s publisher and will include the executive editor, other newsroom staff and one person who will represent the Maryland journalism community.


    • The selection committee will interview select candidates and make a decision in February 2015.


    • The intern will work in the Sun newsroom as a reporter for 10-12 weeks sometime between May 15, 2015 and Aug. 31, 2015. (Exact dates will be determined mutually by the intern and Sun editors.) The intern would write daily stories in addition to a longer-term project.


    • Intern will report to specific editor during internship though the intern will be given opportunity to work with multiple editors.


    • The intern will be paid $575 per week and will receive a $1,000 housing stipend.




For more information, email Baltimore Sun Media Group newsroom internship coordinator Paul Milton at or call 410-332-6291.

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