Time Inc.

Time Inc. is committed to developing talent at all levels of the organization. We identify, recruit, hire and develop undergraduate- and graduate-level students through our rich and varied internship programs. We offer our interns excellent exposure, experience and education, while learning from them as our consumers and future business leaders.

Academic-year internships are offered on an as-needed basis, with available positions varying each semester.

View Current Academic-Year Internships

Summer Internships

Time Inc. runs a number of summer internship programs that are customized for specific brands and functional areas. All of our internship positions are paid, and the programs run for 9-10 weeks. Internships are available in the functional areas listed below (click on function for expanded information). You will be asked to indicate your brand and functional area preference(s) in your application.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunities (must be pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree):

    • Advertising Sales
    • Brand Marketing/Integrated Marketing
    • Consumer & Business Research
    • Consumer Marketing (Rising seniors only)
    • Editorial
      Editorial/Writing, Video, Photography and/or Design
    • Information Technology
    • Public Relations

Apply Here

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2014.


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