Bleacher Report: Advanced Sports Media Program

What Bleacher Report Can Do for You

Once upon a time, aspiring journalists could take entry-level jobs with newspapers or magazines and work their way up. Today, by contrast, every rookie has to build his or her own foundation on a fiercely competitive playing field.

And that’s where Bleacher Report can help.

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B/R’s Advanced Program in Sports Media is a three-month online enrichment class for undergraduate and graduate-level journalism students. Participants receive thorough schooling in the nuances of 21st-century sports reporting, with an option to earn full or partial course credit for their work. Upon completing the program, most graduates secure high-profile positions as B/R Featured Columnists—and many Featured Columnists go on to secure paid employment with Bleacher Report and other media organizations.

In an industry increasingly fraught with flux and uncertainty, there’s no better way—and no better place—to find your footing and start your climb.


Individual sessions begin on a rolling basis, with students selecting their start date after being accepted, and run for three months. Along the way, students learn the ropes and hone their skills by virtue of…

    • Professional Training

      As a supplement to B/R’s exhaustive tutorial literature, students receive hands-on instruction from veteran mentors during the acclimation phase of their programs.

    • Targeted Assignments

      Each personalized article topic assigned by program administrators is designed to develop key authorial skills—and all of them together give students the opportunity to reach millions of readers while writing about their favorite sports.

  • Personal Feedback

    Far too many media training programs fail to help students build on their day-to-day performances. At B/R, our team of full-time supervisors is committed to providing every students with concrete tips for improving his or her work.

The overall structure of the Sports Media Program creates a learning environment that’s part classroom and part proving ground. From start to finish, you’ll have ample opportunity to test your newly acquired knowledge as a real-live journalist covering stories you care about.


All conscientious students graduate with a keener sense of how to engage and entertain online audiences. In addition to this fundamental educational benefit, every high-achieving program participant also stands to gain…

    • A Portfolio-Building Experience

      The diversity of article topics prescribed by the program prepares students to capitalize on new opportunities—and to impress prospective employers—in a rapidly evolving field.

    • A Credibility-Enhancing Position

      Successful students are routinely invited to join B/R’s exclusive Featured Columnist Program, which has a long history of helping talented writers attract and engage loyal audiences.

  • A Salary-Paying Job

    Many a fruitful media career has started with a B/R Sports Media Program. That’s especially true at B/R itself, where every student is a full-time staffer waiting to happen.

The market for sportswriting gigs is tight and getting tighter, and B/R can’t make any promises to prospective participants. The fact remains, however, that the best of the best really do go on to bigger and better things—which means that the extent of your ultimate success will depend first and foremost on your own ability and ambition.


I. Program Basics

What’s Bleacher Report?

Bleacher Report is the Web’s premier source of insightful and entertaining sports content. Founded in 2006, the network now boasts thousands of talented contributors and an ever-growing audience of 40 million monthly readers.

Who’s eligible to participate?

The B/R Sports Media Program is open to journalism students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. University-level students who aren’t journalism majors but who do have journalistic experience are considered on a case-by-case basis.

What do participants do?

Students work closely with instructors and editors to generate engaging analysis of timely news topics. In the process, they develop the skills and savvy they’ll need to succeed in the evolving field of digital media.

Where, when, and how often are students expected to contribute?

Sessions begin at or near the start of every calendar quarter and run for three months. All students telecommute from home and spend 15 hours per week completing a series of article-based assignments. /p>

II. The Application Process

How can I join the B/R Sports Media Program?

All eligible candidates are invited to submit applications via the program’s online form. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so there’s never a bad time to throw your hat in the ring.

What can I do to maximize my chances of acceptance before I apply?

All else being equal, program administrators give weighted preference to candidates with the most extensive publishing experience. If you don’t have any published articles to your credit, you can build your portfolio by joining the B/R Writer Program before you apply.

I’m an active or just-graduated journalism student who doesn’t have time for the Sports Media Program. Can I still write for B/R?

Yes—the B/R Writer Program welcomes all talented writers with no strings attached. For more information, you can review “The 5 Best Reasons To Write for Bleacher Report“—or you can skip straight to the Writer Program’s online application form if you’re ready to dive in.

I’m an active B/R writer who doesn’t have time for the Sports Media Program. Are there other ways I can hone my skills?

Yes—B/R provides a range of educational options for every member of the Writer Program. As a start, you’d be well advised to check out the B/R Writer Tutorialand the B/R U new-media training curriculum.

III. Life in the Sports Media Program

What will I learn as a student, and who will help me learn it?

Students learn the nuances of the online journalism business from instructors and editors with extensive experience in digital media. By emphasizing everything from story selection and keyword use to content formatting and comment-thread etiquette, the program’s three-month curriculum prepares students for the challenges and opportunities they’ll encounter in the course of their careers.

Can I receive course credit for my work in the Sports Media Program?

Yes—B/R’s Sports Media Program is recognized for course credit by most major institutions. You should check with the administrators at your school to confirm the details in your particular case.

Can the Sports Media Program lead to paid employment?

Yes—successful students routinely secure positions in B/R’s exclusive Featured Columnist Program, and many Featured Columnists go on to secure paid employment with B/R or other media organizations. The competition for paid jobs is exceptionally fierce, and B/R can’t make promises to any prospective applicant—but the best of the best really do earn the chance to earn a living through their keyboards.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the B/R Sports Media Program?

All specific inquiries about the Sportswriting Media Program can be directed to:

Max Tcheyan, Program Director


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