Sports Utility Vehicle

Sports Utility Vehicle
About the Company:
The Sports Utility Vehicle is a small startup company in the Atlanta area. It provides live broadcasts to sports events to any level of competition, assists events in sponsorship development, and creation and development of special event projects. The SUV serves as a partner on a wide range of projects from the high school level all the way up to professional and club sports. We typically broadcast mostly in the Atlanta sports markets but have worked all around the nation in the past including South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and Chicago.
Internship Description:
The SUV is looking for 3-5 interns in the spring semester to assist in several aspects of the company. The internship will encompass many aspects including marketing, communications, sponsorship development, and event management. The SUV Internship program aims to give students knowledge about the sports markets of Atlanta and beyond. Upon completion of The SUV Internship program, students will gain a vast true hands on experience by working directly with the upper management of the company, The SUV clients, and events. We hope that after the completion of the internship track with The SUV, students will have gained more experience and knowledge in this field that can be used for the rest of their lives.
Internship Duties:
• Work no more than 20 “office” hours per week (excluding event days)
• Assist in the research and development of potential sponsors for events
• Assist in the creation of event planning details
• Work as production assistant at broadcasted events
• Work cameras at broadcasted events
• Be responsible for several social media mediums of the company
• Help with day to day operations of the company as seen fit
• Aid in the set up and running of broadcasts or events at locations
• Help with research of teams and players for broadcasts
• Potential to be on camera as a sideline interviewer and/or pre or post-game interviews
Internship Qualifications:
• Potential interns must be a Junior or Senior at the undergraduate level or in a master’s level program.
• Students should be in a marketing, communications, event management, or sports management/administration program.
• Potential interns must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Potential interns must be computer efficient especially with Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel. Proficiency in Photoshop and Publisher are not required but is a major plus.
• Should have previous experience using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
• General knowledge of sports and wanting to work in the sports market is preferable.
• Filming sports games or previous experience working a camera is not required but is a plus.
Internship Compensation:
The SUV Internship is an unpaid position and must be used to fulfill a class internship credit. All proper paper work and documentation must be presented to Will McNeeley to fill out and return to the proper channels at the students’ respective Universities.
All interested applicants should send a cover letter and their resume via email to Will McNeeley, Director of Event Management: We will have a rolling application until the internship positions are filled. The internship will begin January 13, 2014.

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