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Internship Guidelines (Unpaid)

The purpose of all USA TODAY internships is to provide students with professional and educational experience.
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  • Internships follow the academic calendar
  • A full-time internship is a minimum of 10 weeks (30-40 hours/per week) and maximum of 12 months.
  • A part-time internship is no less than 10 hours per week for 12 weeks.


  • All internship candidates must submit a cover letter, resume, appropriate work samples and verification (usally a letter from the school) that college credit will be given for the internship experience.
  • These forms must be submitted to Brent Jones, director of standards and staffing administration, before the advertised deadline. Intern selections will be made by department managers, within the time period set by newsroom recruitment.
  • Once selections are made, successful candidates will receive an offer letter.


(dates are approximate and may vary with each calendar year)
    Spring interns

  • Internal Prossessing — Dec. 16 (decision deadline for editor making intern selection)
    Summer interns

  • Internal Processing — March 30 (decision deadline for editor making intern selection)
    Fall interns

  • Internal Processing — June 29 (decision deadline for editor making intern selection)

Academic Component

  • Unpaid interns will only be allowed to work if they are receiving academic credit for the experience.
  • If an intern is receiving academic credit for an internship, documentation from the college or university detailing the requirements for credit must be supplied to the selection manager.
  • In addition to college credit, interns are encouraged to participate in schedule training sessions, as part of the program’s ongoing educational exchange.


  • The internship offer letter may include a brief description of specific tasks assigned the intern; the name and title of supervisor; the dates of internship.
  • Unpaid interns will receive a travel stipend.


  • The supervisor will explain assignments for interns and follow up to see that they are completed satisfactorily.
  • The supervisor is encouraged to discuss any questions with the student’s appropriate academic advisor/internship coordinator.


  • Student interns are encouraged to keep a daily journal.
  • Additionally, a portfolio of materials produced during the internship should be kept.
  • A record of all hours worked should be maintained by both the intern and his/her supervisor.


  • Interns will be evaluated in regular meetings with a supervisor throughout the internship.
  • A formal written evaluation will be provided to any interns receiving academic credit, if needed or required by college.


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