Writers needed at SECDiva

Application Deadline: Jan. 17
SECDiva.com is looking for experienced writers to produce content for the blog section of the website. This internship is primarily focused on content generation.
Responsibilities include:
• Writing 5 thorough articles each week on specific topics of one or more of the following:  (Human interest, Fashion, Sports, Cooking, Crafts, Travel, or Gossip)
• Content generation for social media outlets
• Dedication of 15 hours a week
Internship Qualifications include:
• Journalism Major
• Junior or Senior by credit hours
• 3.0+ GPA
• Writing experience
• Topic knowledge
• Self-motivated, independent and able to take initiative
To apply, please submit the following to Carly Quina at carly@secdiva.com
Please include your name and ‘internship application’ in the subject line of the email as well as the following:
• Cover letter explaining your interests, what you hope to gain, and what you can contribute during an internship with SECDiva.com
• Resume
• Letters of Recommendation
• 3 References
The application deadline is January 17, 2014.

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